Sukhoi Day!

The Sukhoi has landed!

Four days before the Sukhoi was released a package arrived from Hong Kong with a dozen tiny Zippy batteries in it. I had ordered them a month and a half before in anticipation of the release and was happy to see they made their way from backordered status in China all the way to me, though the box was a bit the worse for wear. Instead of 110 mAh they offer 138mAh, which gives me an extra three to five minutes of flight per charge, not mention a lower price compared to brand name batteries. The delivery got me charged up again (yeah, I admit, pun intended) about flying the Su-26M.

On Saturday I browsed the HorizonRCdotcom YouTube channel and watched the newly released video "Sukhoi Review and Transmitter Setup". Consumed with the usual aggravated urge to run down to the hobby store and press my nose against the glass until the darn plane arrived, I soothed myself by setting up my Spektrum DX7 according to the directions given by Jim Booker, the same gentleman who always does such an excellent job on the Horizon RC podcasts.

Then on Saturday, I checked the Horizon Hobby site, as I have near daily for the past few months, and I saw they had no new release information - but over at Hobbyzone I saw an ETA listed of 20th of July, that very day. I called Jake's Performance Hobbiesin Rohnert Park and was shocked to hear they had six in stock. I was so surprised I asked them for confirmation twice and made them swear they weren't joking. I jumped in the car with the wife and kids immediately. When traffic slowed us down I called again, just to assure the guys I was on my way and make certain they wouldn't sell my Sukhoi before I got there.

With the long awaited RC aircraft safely tucked in my trunk, I headed back home to Windsor and bound that plane with my DX7 transmitter. I spent the rest of the afternoon charging batteries and watching the available Sukhoi videos again, waiting for the evening stillness that would let me unleash the full control ultra micro flyer glory of my brand new Sukhoi Su-26M! Stay posted for video and my full review.

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