About RC Fun Lab

How it all began

We're a group of Sonoma County RC lovers who, like many, talk about and tinker with our gear constantly. We're always looking for the perfect place to run our vehicles, always looking for the next mod, the next upgrade, and the next thrill. On the quest for the best, we noticed a distinct lack of options for certain details to make your aircraft showcase your personal style. We wanted unique propellers, different batteries, landing gear, and other aftermarket customizations - so now we bring them to you!

Who Are We?

Dylan Pankow:  Dylan has lived his whole life in Sonoma County, California, and started out with RC trucks and cars when he was only 12. In 2008 he dove back into the hobby with a new obsession for planes and helicopters. For him, there’s nothing quite like the satisfaction of researching and testing an obscure upgrade to elevate his flying practice. The only thing better is to share those discoveries with the RC world through articles, videos, and selling the products in the RcFunLab stores.

Paprika Clark  Hi! Yes, that's really the name my mother gave me, but most of my friends call me Pepper. I do the writing, marketing and web design for the Fun Lab team - and I love to fly RC planes, too. I'm a work at home mom with two fabulous kids and a freelance business doing marketing and design for OTHER folks, so I don't get to practice as much as I'd like. I try to squeeze in some fight simulator time every day, and I'll be the hostess at every RC Fun Lab party and event, making sure everyone's having a great time!


About the RC Park

Our future vision is to create the ultimate RC wonderland, where remote control enthusiasts have year round access to runways, tracks, and courses where they can fly and drive a wide array of models. Dylan brainstormed the idea for the RC Park one day while driving far afield in search of a great place to fly. The thought hasn't left his mind since, and he can't wait to use all his skills building an unforgettable park that offers the best site for every RC lover to run their gear.